Art by Bushra

Artist Statement

Born in Syria, I grew up in Kuwait in the fifties and early sixties where art was not taught in schools and there were no art museums or galleries. My awareness of visual arts started in London (England) where I went to pursue higher education and was introduced to art museums and western art. My study of mathematics and computer science led to a career in Banking and I.T. For many years, art to me was something to appreciate, but not something I thought I could practice.

It was not until I became a math teacher in private schools in New York, and saw that art was taught to all kids, not just the 'talented' few; and that it could be practiced by people I got to know as friends, that I decided to learn how to do it myself. I started by taking drawing and painting classes at the Art Student's League and at the National Academy of Design art school, where I concentrated on realistic rendering of figures and landscapes using Oil as the primary medium. After gaining confidence in those areas I started working more abstractly.

Currently, my work is predominantly abstract using primarily acrylic and mixed media. My work is varied, mainly prompted by my interest in exploring different techniques and motifs; the process is my main concern. I enjoy creating, testing limits, adding, erasing, making decisions and stubbornly persevering until I feel I have reached a satisfactory resolution. Inspiration comes from looking at art by others, both contemporary and past. I start with a color or a mark and proceed on step at a time responding to what is already there. Although primarily abstract, my work can be minimalist, geometric, floral, calligraphic, or narrative/figurative when using live models.

Overall, my work does not aim to make a statement, but to exult in the power of the creative impulse. It is my belief that humans' evolution is depicted by their artistic output even more than by their technological/scientific discoveries. As I grew up, I was left-brained, excelling at math and languages. 'Finding' art gave the other side of me, the rebellious, contrary, lover of freedom, an outlet. I feel lucky that art continues to be a joy and a quest for finding my inner self.