Artist Statement

It is my belief that art, in all its forms, represents the highest form of human endeavor. It is furthest from our most basic and primal needs, but nevertheless fulfills a very important and necessary role in our lives. For me as the artist it represents the need to communicate and share with others as well as a drive to leave a mark that is less ephemeral and longer lasting than oneself. As the viewer, I experience wonder, sharing and appreciation of another’s creation.

I started making art relatively late in life, and it has given me much joy. Recently, I have been working primarily with acrylic, mixed media, and collage to create abstract pieces.  My pieces are on canvas or on paper which is then either framed or mounted on wooden cradled boxes. It is not easy for me to clearly describe my process, as it depends on my initial creative impulse; sometimes it is an idea informed by my mathematical background; at other times my Middle Eastern heritage of calligraphic art and sun drenched colors is the driving force. Then it is a journey of often frustrating and sometimes serendipitous paths that leads me towards a place of esthetic satisfaction.

I am inspired by many forms of art, including theater and dance performances, and of course by many painters, old masters as well as modern and contemporary. My aim in most of my work is to create art that lifts the soul from the mundane and the ugly to where we are reminded that humans are capable of rising above petty rivalries, greed and hate.